8 Ways to Freshen Your Interior

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves so take this opportunity to rejuvenate your home, to make it your sanctuary of style.


1. Restyle and Declutter.

Add some new personality to your coffee table and shelves by replacing with useful decorative items that elevate the space. Groupings of decorations such as vases, books, foliage or candles work well. The perfect coffee table layout will make your home feel luxurious and can be an interesting conversation topic.


2. Add greenery to brighten your home

Invite nature into your space with flowers and foliage.


3. Give your soft furnishings and linen new life.

If you cannot afford a new range of linen, consider a few new cushions or a throw. Adding some color and texture to your room will make it feel brighter and livelier.


4. Rearrange your space

Something as simple as rearranging furniture, mirrors and accessories is all that is needed to optimize space, direct flow and create focal points of interest. You can never have enough mirrors (think Versailles) they reflect and light.


5. Refresh Your Art

Rearrange your art by grouping smaller frames to create an art wall. Repaint old frames to give new life to old art and perhaps consider colored frames to add a pop of color to your interior. Marry the colors of your art with colors found in the design space. Invest in a new piece that will bring meaning and positive energy into the space. This can change the entire atmosphere of a room. For some inspiration for your next piece of art, have a look at our collection of wall canvases HERE.


6. Scent

Aromatherapy has been proven to make you feel happier, safe and add a sense of luxury to interiors. A home diffuser can stimulate the mind and reenergize the body.


7. Rework your lighting

Change your light globes from cool to warm light. Allow for at least 2 different lighting sources in a room; overhead from the ceiling as well as a table /floor lamp. Lighting is imperative to creating ambience and tranquility.


8. Accessories with purpose

Accessories with purpose, such as salt lamps and humidifiers are a great way to easily change the energy of your home. Not only are they usually appealing, but they are also a great way of bringing nature indoors and many are believed to have a calming effect.

Our favourite accessory with a purpose is our zen humidifier. It looks great and also helps you relax and focus your mind. Have a look at it HERE


We hope you enjoyed our post. If you took just one tip from today's post and implement it into your home so that you can Love Where You Live, we have done our job well!