8 Secrets to Clear the Clutter

Clear the clutter and be proud of where you live.

At Luxurie Decor you don't need thousands of $'s to live in the house you love.  

The key is to be organized with a place for everything and everything in its place.

We have some inspiring ideas and advice to begin your style creativity.


1. Hide Your Cables

One of the main challenges in a small living room is how to deal with tech items. Display only purposeful items such as the TV and hide all the cables within a storage cabinet. 


2. Build Storage into Seating

Build storage into seating. Storage couches and benches have come a long way. Why not even consider placing some low storage boxes under the sofa, in the same color or material, for a close to seamless look. 


3. Coats and Hats

The most forgotten storage is coats and hats. A simple wall-mounted or freestanding rack is the solution.


4. Storage with Shelf

A coffee table with a shelf beneath will create an extra layer for stashing newspapers, magazines, and remote controls out of the way. 


5. Intentional Storage Boxes

A trunk or storage chest is perfect for hiding everything from throws and blankets to cushions and board games, not in use. This multi-tasking furniture piece can hide away the mess and act as a feature of your room.


6. Bookcases

A bookcase is another invaluable piece of furniture, not just for books; they make the perfect display cabinet as well. Another trick is to place the heavier books at the bottom leaving the upper shelves for ornaments. The other factor is to color coordinate the books to create a pleasing display.


7. Slim Console Tables

Slim console tables are great for small alcoves to place lamps and vases on.


8. Floating Shelves

Shallow shelves, painted in the same shade as the walls appear to recede into the background and are ideal for displaying art, in a contemporary manner.



We hope that you have found one of these 8 secrets helpful in styling your dream home.


- The Team at Luxurie Decor